Code that helps with networking. Protocols, clients, servers, etc. For web (HTTP) specific software, see the web topic. See also the distributed topic.

Dealing with email: (main topic: email)

  • Allegro Maild - Allegro Maild is an SMTP email server written in Common Lisp
  • cl-icalendar - cl-icalendar is an implementation of RFC5545 iCalendar file format
  • cl-pop - CL-POP is a lisp networking library that provides a POP email client based on RFC 1939
  • CL-Sendmail - CL-Sendmail is a library for sending email using the external program 'sendmail'
  • CL-SMTP - CL-SMTP is an SMTP (RFC 5321) client
  • clonsigna - Clonsigna is a Common Lisp library that allows interaction with IMAP4rev1 servers
  • CLPMR - CLPMR is the Common Lisp ProcMail Replacement
  • cocoa-mail - cocoa-mail is a basic interface for OpenMCL on Mac OS X to the Cocoa Mail infrastructure
  • de.setf.utility - de setf utility is a collection of Common Lisp utilities functions and several purpose-specific libraries
  • Demyltify - Demyltify is a library that lets you write Sendmail email filters (milters) in Common Lisp
  • imap - imap is a client library for Allegro CL for sending and receiving email with support for POP, IMAP and SMTP
  • jarw-inet - jarw-inet supports several Internet networking Standards including writing servers and clients, http, smtp, nntp protocols, header parsing, mime decoding
  • macho - Macho is an email web archiving system, similar in scope to pipermail or mhonarc
  • MARCH - MArch is a daemon program that saves email going through a mail server into a database
  • mel-base - mel-base is a library for handling email with support for Maildir, POP3, IMAP and SMTP folders
  • org-davep-newsrc - org-davep-newsrc is a Common Lisp library that provides a couple of classes for reading a Unix Usenet newsrc file
  • org-davep-nntp - org-davep-nntp is a Common Lisp library for talking to an NNTP server
  • rfc2822 - Text email as defined in RFC 2822
  • smta - smta is a simple SMTP email server
  • smtp4cl - SMTP4CL is a SMTP client library to send messages to an MTA (Mail Transport Agent)
  • trivial-email-utf-8 - trivial-email-utf-8 is like CL-SMTP's send-mail, but qprints any Unicode characters in the message title or content and includes the appropriate headers if necessary

Libraries specific to MIME: (main topic: MIME)

Dealing with URIs: (main topic: URI)

Messaging: (main topic: messaging)

Wire formats: (main topic: wire format)

  • ASN.1 - Abstract Syntax Notation #1, the Common Lisp implementation and language mapping
  • cl-marshal - Simple and fast marshalling of all kinds of Lisp data structures
  • cl-protobufs - CL-PROTOBUFS is a library to use Google Protocol Buffers in Common Lisp, originally written by Scott McKay at ITA by Google
  • cl-stomp - cl-stomp is an implementation of STOMP (Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol)
  • de.setf.thrift - de setf thrift is a binding for the Apache Thrift framework for scalable cross-language services development
  • S-PROTOBUF - S-PROTOBUF is a library to encode data in the Google Protocol Buffers wire format
  • Swank - Swank is distributed as part of SLIME
  • userial - A Common Lisp library for serializing to binary buffers

IRC clients and bots: (main topic: IRC)