IRC Quotes
Some moments from IRC, preserved for posterity, some humorous.


* Krystof just gets _why_ dan_b has been obsessing with "entomotomy"
[wnewman] because dan_b likes "you say entomatomy" jokes?
[dan-b]	wnewman: look, if you _want_ a bug database called "off"
[dan-b] ...

[dan`b] where do symbols come from?  well, when a reader and a package love 
        each other very much ...

2004-03-13 (referring to
[antifuchs] Mean   PHP  core function name length: 13.67
[antifuchs] "yeah, but what's the standard error?" (-:
[dan-b] the standard error is to use PHP, I think


[noss] what is the terminology to separate lisp code as its textual 
       representation and the data is code language? i.e. what you pass to 
       READ and what you pass to EVAL?
[segv] you pass strings to read and forms to eval.
[segv] strings or streams.
[antifuchs] you pass streams to READ (;
[segv] what antifuchs said.
[antifuchs] unless your read is read-from-string, right (:
[eval] I hate my IRC client, it pops up everytime my name is said

[kmr] xophe: is cmucl amd64 working?
[Xophe] probably not to the extent of "working", no
[emarsden] I don't think that binaries are available

[Xophe] minion, reply to alemmens' survey!
[minion] does torturing a poor bot with things beyond its
         comprehension please you?

[nyef] Hrm... a 50-line file, and I suspect that 13 lines of it
       say that I'm completely insane.
[antifuchs] nyef: so what? 37 say that you're the exact opposite (-:
[wnewman] Maybe 37 say he's a pleasant kind of insane, and 13 say
          that he's a SBCL/x86 calling convention kind.

[Luke] I have a small program that has been looking "basically right"
       for about two days, but has never worked,
       and I find fundamental problems with it every few hours :)

[slothrop] it's tough to build apparently
[slothrop] cmucl, I mean
[wnewman] I did finally figure out how to do it, in my own way.

[Krystof] ah, to be young again
[emu] Krystof: don't think you missed much


[dan-b] premature standardization is the root of all Java

[dan-b] it would be nice if more people knew the difference
        between i.e. and e.g.
[wnewman] If you write the canonical web browser to displace
          Internet Explorer, and name it Evil Genius, then for at
          least fifteen minutes afterwards you should have a good
          conversational excuse to remind people of the

[Xophe]	BROKEN MD4


[ingvar] Modelling forest damage by storms with egular expressions is... a curious idea.
[Xach] before: |||  after: //_
[Xach] seems easy enough to me


[frodef] wow, someone wrote ext2fs reading for movitz.. so now movitz can
         be confused about logical pathnames too..


[Xof] I just delivered my first Lisp application
[Xof] thank you, clx hackers, mcclim hackers, climacs hackers.
[Xof] sbcl hackers
[Xof] hmm, all of those are me :-)


[gusl] btw, do you know which symbol returns the result of the last evaluation?
[Xof]  *
[gusl] great
[gusl] and what was the other one which returns the function it's in?
[gusl] thanks, Xof. This will help me a lot in debugging.
[gusl] what does the ENOSENSE part mean, btw?
[jdz]  gusl: it means that the question does not compute
[gusl] jdz: but his answer was right
[gusl] - is what I was looking for


[Clemens] Xophe: what's a cluebat?


[sdschulze] In the Hurd, you'll be able to write filesystems in Lisp.
[sdschulze] You can already write /dev/zero in Scheme.
[sdschulze] IIRC
[ayrnieu] how useful!
[sdschulze] and Ruby and Python
[Xof] I'm not going to be sarcastic at this point.  I am simply going to hold
      my head in my hands and say a short, silent prayer for humanity
[sdschulze] More complex filesystems are being discussed.


* slyrus (gives-up-trying-to-understand-ir1-transforms)


[Xof] heh.  I was about to recommend the dragon book, but my brain said 
"no, his name can't be Sethi, that's a sparc opcode"


20:33 [mgr] gilberth: Merry Christmas!    (A bit late, but not too late. :)
20:34 [gilberth] mgr: Well we celebrated Newton's birthday; but thanks
                 anyway :)
20:36 [lichtblau] so what are going to tell your children (once you've
                  got some) about who brings the presents?  "oh just look
                  under the newtontree what old newton brought this night?" ;-)
20:36 [hefner] gravity?
20:36 [gilberth] Well, I'll tell them Netwon found out about gravity, not
                 because an apple fell from the tree, but a present.
20:37 [lichtblau] oh, of course!
20:37 [gilberth] And the present is from <a href="">the spaghetti monster</a> of
20:37 [lichtblau] gravity, the basic recipe for a romantic childhood story!
20:38 [mgr] gilberth: :)  That seems to be a better occasion! Though
            you are probably <a href="">a bit early</a> for our Gregorian calendar. ;)


17:11 [slyrus] did anyone see the eclipse?
17:14 [dan`b] no, it was too dark


13:41 [lemonodor_] chandler: what's the status of  (i'm
      specifically wondering about a 404 when trying to asdf-install colorize)      
13:41 [chandler`] lemonodor_: not all of my asdf-installable software is
      actually asdf-installable. When in doubt, svn co svn://


[Xof] speaking of painful things
[Xof] does anyone here use <a href="">FINALIZE-INHERITANCE</a>?
[Xof] it was very subtly broken
[Xof] but to unbreak it its behaviour has to be changed rather grossly
[rudi] does <a href="">mcclim</a> still work?
[Xof] no idea
[rudi] mcclim, the (_H(*) 2 3) of clos


[nyef] And when you have a specific question (not "please write it for me" 
       or "why doesn't this work?"), we may be more inclined to answer.
[logic_grrl] nyef, i never askd anyone to write it
[PseudoCapitana] nyef: jesus ure such a cruel persona


[antifuchs] agh... I want to disagree with so many things in c.l.l that I get
            rsi even thinking about them.


[rahul] a sufficiently intrusive compiler is indistinguishable from God.


[pjb] The walls inside the lisp house are paperthin like in Japanese houses. 
          They're purely symbolic.  Some other language may have reinforced
          concrete interior walls.  Choose where you want to live!  ;-)
[nyef] pjb: Surely that has acoustic as well as thermal implications....
[pjb] Yes, you need to be more civilized in a Japanese house :-)
[Xach] chilly during the AI winter


[mogunus] How do I deal with a HEAP EXHAUSTED ERROR?
[AshyIsMe] let it rest


[starseeker] We should do an annual "lisp quote contest" or something
[schme] I'd like to enter ' into this contest.
[schme] It was FUNNY!


*** nikodemus attacks gencgc
*** gengc fights back!
*** nikodemus dies
nikodemus left the room ("RIP").
gengc left the room ("SIGKILL").


[dan_b] good design taste is easier to identify in its absence

2009-06-24 (in a discussion of efficiency)

[tcr] shorter code conses less in Lisp... in the reader!


[weareyourfriends] (how-do-i-get-laid)
[mathrick] that's implementation specific
[weareyourfriends] heh
[metawilm] weareyourfriends: get Closer and use define-layered-function


[Fare] francogrex, you read the EVAL-WHEN documentation and you lose 1d6 SAN


[schme] tic: Pffft! Don't listen to beach. Start a new project each day. 
        Flip a dice every day to see which one to hack on. Get very confused every day :D
[beach] schme: I am trying to tell tic "do as I say" rather than "do as I do".
* tic does whatever spiderpig do


[Krystof] some day I would like to move to a server which has a ban list, rather than a non-adjustable ban vector


[Azuvix] Bigger channel than I expected.
[Xach] Most are bots.
[tcr] Lisp and AI, you know
[nyef] This is where all the AI systems come to hang out and chat about making AI systems... Thus, it's a weird form of cybersex.
[tcr] they mostly don't talk because they're so slow though because it's interpreted, but hey


[stassats`] i think earmuffs were invented during AI Winter, to keep it warm


[billyr] hi how do you declare a "byref" parameter in emacs lisp? thx
[|3b|] #emacs knows more about emacs lisp
[billyr] thank you
[joshe] Yes they do, the poor bastards
[joshe] oops, did I say that out loud?


** discussion about how some Lisp functions are named after assembly instructions **
[Quadrescence] there's also DPB
[Quadrescence] Historically, the name ``dpb'' comes from a DEC PDP-10 assembly language instruction meaning ``deposit byte.''
[qu1j0t3] yes.
[qu1j0t3] on the other hand, TERPRI is named for the highest scoring word in a drunken scrabble game played between Gosper and Greenblatt on 14th March, 1977.


[Fare] the advantage of cl is that it's so easy to reinvent the wheel
[Fare] the disadvantage is that everyone invents their own wheel