Functions and libraries for string manipulation.
  • charseq - CHARSEQ provides a shareable, (simple-array character *) typed string
  • cl-change-case - cl-change-case is a library to convert strings between camelCase, param-case, snake_case and more
  • cl-interpol - CL-INTERPOL modifies the reader so that you can have interpolation of strings similar to Perl or Unix Shell scripts
  • cl-string-match - Provides substring (subsequence) search and text processing algorithms implementations including regular expression, prefix/suffix tree data structures, etc
  • cl-strings - cl-strings is a portable, dependency-free set of utilities to manipulate strings in Common Lisp (split, join, replace, insert, clean, change case,…)
  • str - str is a modern and consistent string manipulation library (split, join, concat, replace, blank-p,…) to install with (ql:quickload :str)