JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) relatively easy-to-read and easy-to-parse format for encapsulating data. The official standard can be read here.

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JSON related pages on CLiki:

  • cl-bson - BSON encoder/decoder for Common Lisp
  • cl-grip - cl-grip is a high-level logging system for Common Lisp, focusing on a clear user interface, support for flexible structured logging, and easy extensibility for different backends to support direct logging to various inputs
  • cl-json - cl-json is a JSON parser and generator
  • CLJWT - A library for issuing and validating JSON Web Tokens
  • HT-AJAX - HT-AJAX is a small AJAX web framework for Hunchentoot web server that allows transparent calls from Javascript in web pages to the server side Lisp code
  • Jonathan - Jonathan is a fast JSON encoder/decoder
  • JSON-Lib - Decoder and encoder that maps between JSON and CL
  • json-streams - json-streams is a Common Lisp library for reading and writing JSON text
  • json-template - An implementation of JSON Template in Common Lisp
  • jsown - A fast JSON parser and generator
  • jzon - A correct and safe(er) JSON RFC 8259 reader/writer with sane defaults
  • monkeylib-json - monkeylib-json is a library for reading and writing JSON
  • njson - Common Lisp JSON handling library, with the aim for convenience and brevity
  • st-json - ST-JSON is a JSON encoding and decoding library
  • YASON - YASON is a Common Lisp library for encoding and decoding data in the JSON interchange format