Text processing software - string splitters, parsers, and so on

Regular expression libraries: (main topic: regular expression)

Parser generators: (main topic: parser generator)

Lexers: (main topic: lexer)

  • cl-lex - cl-lex is a set of Common Lisp macros for generating lexical analyzers automatically
  • DEFLEXER - The LEXER package implements a lexical-analyzer-generator called DEFLEXER, which is built on top of both REGEX and CLAWK
  • graylex - graylex offers a means to do string operations on input streams without slurping all input at once by using Common Lisp Gray Streams, fixed-sized and flexible buffers
  • Zebu - Zebu is a LALR(1) parser generator similar to YACC, but for Common Lisp

String processing: (main topic: string)

  • charseq - CHARSEQ provides a shareable, (simple-array character *) typed string
  • cl-change-case - cl-change-case is a library to convert strings between camelCase, param-case, snake_case and more
  • cl-interpol - CL-INTERPOL modifies the reader so that you can have interpolation of strings similar to Perl or Unix Shell scripts
  • cl-string-match - CL-STRING-MATCH provides substring (subsequence) search and text processing algorithms implementations including regular expression, prefix/suffix tree data structures, etc
  • cl-strings - cl-strings is a portable, dependency-free set of utilities to manipulate strings in Common Lisp (split, join, replace, insert, clean, change case,…)
  • str - str is a modern and consistent string manipulation library (split, join, concat, replace, blank-p,…) to install with (ql:quickload :str)

Text: (main topic: text)

Streams: (main topic: stream) can be useful for, but are not limited to text processing.

  • changed-stream - Is a lisp library for non-destructive changing of streams by inserting or deleting characters at a position
  • fast-io - Fast-io is about improving performance to octet-vectors and octet streams (though primarily the former, while wrapping the latter)
  • simple-stream - Simple-streams are Franz's proposal for a Gray-streams replacement
  • trivial-gray-streams - trivial-gray-streams provides an extremely thin compatibility layer for Gray streams


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