SSL-CMUCL is an interface to SSL streams for CMUCL. It uses FFI calls to the OpenSSL Cryptography libraries, and is based on the CMUCL fd-stream implementation. Read and write operations are dispatched to SSL_read and SSL_write instead of UNIX-READ and UNIX-WRITE. Both client and server support (using PEM-encoded X.509 certificates) is included, and there is support for SSLv2, SSLv3 and TLSv1.

The code works with Mozilla, Firebird, Safari, and all tested versions of IE. Performance is quite reasonable: around 60 HTTPS transactions per second between two 1GHz i686 machines running Linux on FastEthernet, according to the siege benchmarking program.

Also see the more portable CL-SSL bindings (using gray streams) by Jochen Schmidt, which are distributed as a component of the ACL-COMPAT library.

SSL-CMUCL is available under GNU LGPL from