CLiki pages about Common Lisp software on Microsoft Windows:

  • abcl-jazz - Code examples on to call the Java Swing API under ABCL to program GUIs
  • Allegro NFS Server - Allegro NFS Server for Microsoft Windows, written in Common Lisp
  • cl-sap - SimpleAudioPlayer is a simple audio player library for windows which utilizes DirectShow
  • cl-win32ole - Common Lisp OLE like Ruby's win32ole
  • Corman Common Lisp - Corman Lisp is a Common Lisp development environment for Microsoft Windows operating systems running on Intel platforms
  • doors - Doors is an attempt to bring essential features of MS Windows (such as basic Windows API, COM and OLE) into Common Lisp
  • FTW - FTW is a Common Lisp Win32 GUI library
  • Graphic-Forms - Graphic Forms is a Windows GUI library using the Win32 API
  • lisp-xl - Common Lisp Microsoft XLSX (Microsoft Excel) loader for arbitrarily-sized / big-size files
  • LispIDE - LispIDE is a basic graphical shell for several Lisp implementations available for Windows
  • lispx-proxy - lispx-proxy (Lisp Execution Proxy) is a Lisp application launcher for Windows (A *nix port with limited functionality is also available)
  • plain-odbc - Plain-odbc is a simple, yet powerful Common Lisp ODBC interface
  • PowerShell - An experiment in sending tasks to PowerShell from CL
  • trivial-clipboard - trivial-clipboard provides access to the system clipboard
  • Win32 - win32 is a library containing a set of CFFI bindings and constant definitions for interacting with the Win32 API
  • winhttp - CFFI bindings to WinHTTP