lisppaste is an IRC bot that runs under the nickname "lisppaste" and can be used (only for the #lisp IRC channel!) at

If you are going to paste to an IRC channel other than #lisp (or don't want a channel announcement): use the link and select the right channel instead of #lisp.

Lisppaste is a pastebin aka nopaste service with syntax colorization, annotations, XML-RPC support, and more.

The lisppaste Application which powers it is an IRC bot (Lisp IRC Bots) designed to eliminate lengthly flooding pastes by providing each with a URL and an announcement to the channel it runs on. Lisppaste 2.2 features persistent pastes, paste annotation, a web interface to the list of all pastes in the system, multiple channel support, RSS support, and XML-RPC support. It's built on SBCL, cl-irc, and araneida.

New in lisppaste 2.3 over 2.2 is a whole bunch of stuff. (Really. I don't even remember all the changes I made.) New in lisppaste 2.2 over 2.1 is enhanced RSS, specified URLs for specific channels, faster serialization, and XML-RPC. New in lisppaste 2.1 over 2.0 is RSS support and support for linking to meme logs.

There is a lisppaste which runs on in a few channels. See the list of pastes in that bot. You can syndicate this list too.

Repository at