trivial-gray-streams provides an extremely thin compatibility layer for Gray streams.


Copyright (c) 2005 David Lichteblau


trivial-gray-streams homepage

Mailing List

Send bug reports to trivial-gray-streams devel.


The library is available via Quicklisp. A snapshot tarball is available from github tarball.

Source Code

The Git repository is at github source code.


An online documentation is available at trivial-gray-streams API documentation.


trivial-gray-streams does not depend on other libraries.

How to use it

  1. Use the package trivial-gray-streams instead of whatever implementation specific package you would have to use otherwise to get gray stream symbols.
  2. For stream-read-sequence and stream-write-sequence, notice that we use two required arguments and allow additional keyword arguments. So the lambda list when defining a method on either function should look like this: (stream sequence start end &key)
  3. In order for (2) to work on all Lisps, make sure to subclass all your stream classes from trivial-gray-stream-mixin if you intend to define methods on those two generic functions.

Topics: trivial stream system programming