Mathematics Library and Application packages

Linear algebra: (main topic: linear algebra)

  • 3d-matrices - This is a library implementing common matrix operations, mainly intended as the counterpiece to 3d-vectors and thus being aimed at operations in 3D space
  • 3d-vectors - This is a simple library for 3D vectors
  • april - A subset of APL (A Programming Language) compiling to Common Lisp
  • cl-blapack - A wrapper around the Fortran BLAS and LAPACK libraries for dense linear algebra
  • cl-clsparse - Common Lisp bindings for clSPARSE
  • cl-octave - An FFI to the Octave linear algebra language (CMUCL-only)
  • cl-tuples - cl-tuples is a library for writing optimised vector math
  • clem - A library for representing and performing various operations on matrices
  • CLLIB - CLLIB is a varied collection of Common lisp tools and routines in CLOCC
  • FSVD - FSVD is a Common Lisp implementation of Simon Funk's quasi SVD as described at in the context of its application to the netflix prize
  • GSLL - GNU Scientific Library for Lisp allows you to use the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) from Common Lisp
  • l-math - L-MATH is a library for simple linear algebra in geometric applications
  • Linear-algebra - Linear-algebra is a Common Lisp library of numeric linear algebra routines
  • lisp-matrix - A matrix linear algebra library for common lisp building on work by Mark Hoemmen, Evan Monroig, Tamas Papp and Rif
  • LispLab - The main purpose of Lisplab is to to integrate all kinds of mathematics capabilities into one framework
  • LLA - “Lisp Linear Algebra”, LLA for short, provides convenient and fast matrix operations by binding to LAPACK
  • magicl - Matrix Algebra proGrams In Common Lisp: numerical linear algebra routines with auto-generated bindings to BLAS, LAPACK and Expokit
  • MatLisp - A BLAS and LAPACK linear algebra library wrapper which makes their features accessible through a set of CLOS classes
  • MGL-MAT - MAT is a linear algebra library for working with multi-dimensional arrays which supports efficient interfacing to foreign and CUDA code
  • NLISP - NLISP is an environment for numerical computation and visualisation like IDL or Matlab
  • origin - A native Lisp graphics math library with an emphasis on performance and correctness
  • sb-cga - SB-CGA is a computer graphics algebra library for Common Lisp
  • Sheafhom - Sheafhom is a package by Mark McConnell for large sparse linear algebra computations over the integers and other exact number types
  • spartns - Spartns is a SPARse TeNSor representation library

Statistics: (main topic: statistics)

  • cl-ana - cl-ana aims to provide the basic tools necessary to analyze large/medium-large datasets
  • cl-mathstats - CL-MathStats is a set of miscellaneous Common Lisp mathematics and statistics utilities
  • cl-randist - This package is a manual translation from C to common lisp of some random number generation functions of GSL library
  • cl-random - [unmaintained, maintainers welcome] A library for uni- and multivariate probability distributions and statistics functions
  • CLLIB - CLLIB is a varied collection of Common lisp tools and routines in CLOCC
  • common-lisp-stat - Common Lisp Statistics -- based on LispStat but updated for Common Lisp and incorporating lessons from R
  • Mersenne Twister - The Mersenne Twister is a pseudorandom number generation algorithm created by Makoto Matsumoto
  • py-random - A translation of the random module in the Python standard library
  • RCL - RCL is an FFI to communicate with the R statistics environment
  • rclg - An R (statistics programming language) FFI for Common Lisp
  • RHO - The ρ (RHO) Common Lisp library contains a set of data structures and functions to provide some of the functionalities of R
  • sapaclisp - sapaclisp is a collection of Common Lisp functions for spectral analysis
  • SimpSamp - SimpSamp is a statistics library for simple random sampling without replacement
  • Stats - Stats by Larry Hunter is a statistics library

Other stuff:

  • RCL is a library for interfacing Common Lisp with the R environment using CFFI. (October 7 2007) rukubites: RCL doesn't work in SBCL, and requires some small modifications in alien-defs.lisp to accomodate CFFI API changes for defcvar.
  • RCLG is an unfinished R interface that works for sbcl but not clisp (as of git version October 7 2007). It seems to have a similar interface as RCL.
  • FriCAS is a fork of the Axiom computer algebra system.
  • cl-ana is Common Lisp data analysis library.
  • Kenzo is a program for doing computational algebraic topology.
  • CommonLispStat (see also GitHub location), is a port/rewrite/re-intentioning of XLispStat to Common Lisp. The goal is to develop an "R like" set of packages which deliver additional functionality to Common Lisp for applied statistical data analysis.