NLISP is an environment for numerical computation and visualisation like IDL or Matlab. NLISP defines array syntax operators and array (matrix) intrinsic functions, plotting via gnuplot, sound file I/O via libsndfile, and a partial interface to the Gnu Scientific Library (see also GSLL). NLISP can produce xy, image and surface plots. Array operators and intrinsic functions are given for fixnum (long integer), double float and complex double float types. NLISP also provides array indexing to access and and operate on sub arrays.


License: GPL

NLISP is maintained by David Wallis and Leigh M. Smith.

The install documentation for nlisp say to find and compile bin-gnuplot.c, however this is no longer needed.

In order to do anything at all in nlisp, (use-package :nlisp) first. You shoud then be able to perform:

(.iseq 0 12)

Topics: linear algebra