A BLAS and LAPACK linear algebra library wrapper which makes their features accessible through a set of CLOS classes.

The system currently[when?] runs under CMUCL and SBCL, and it will be ported to CLISP as soon as some issues related to C compatible specialized arrays are dealt with.

The MatLisp matrix library was originally developed by Raymond Toy and Tunc Simsek, and officially announced in April 2000. It is now[when?] maintained by Tunc Simsek.

Some of MarkHoemmen's ideas about a second generation implementation. — unclear standalone sentence. (ed.)

Homepage: GitHub, SourceForge.

License: PostgreSQL License

See also: GSLL, FEMLISP, NLISP for linear algebra in Lisp; spartns for tensors represented by sparse arrays.

Topics: mathematics