Statistics libraries/packages. See also mathematics.
  • Lisp-Stat - Lisp-Stat is an environment for statistical computing, similar in spirit to R and XLisp-Stat.
    • cl-ana - cl-ana aims to provide the basic tools necessary to analyze large/medium-large datasets
    • cl-mathstats - CL-MathStats is a set of miscellaneous Common Lisp mathematics and statistics utilities
    • cl-randist - This package is a manual translation from C to common lisp of some random number generation functions of GSL library
    • cl-random - [unmaintained, maintainers welcome] A library for uni- and multivariate probability distributions and statistics functions
    • CLLIB - CLLIB is a varied collection of Common lisp tools and routines in CLOCC
    • common-lisp-stat - Common Lisp Statistics -- based on LispStat but updated for Common Lisp and incorporating lessons from R
    • Mersenne Twister - The Mersenne Twister is a pseudorandom number generation algorithm created by Makoto Matsumoto
    • py-random - A translation of the random module in the Python standard library
    • RCL - RCL is an FFI to communicate with the R statistics environment
    • rclg - An R (statistics programming language) FFI for Common Lisp
    • RHO - The ρ (RHO) Common Lisp library contains a set of data structures and functions to provide some of the functionalities of R
    • sapaclisp - sapaclisp is a collection of Common Lisp functions for spectral analysis
    • SimpSamp - SimpSamp is a statistics library for simple random sampling without replacement
    • Stats - Stats by Larry Hunter is a statistics library