[unmaintained, maintainers welcome] Simple numerical functions, including intervals, Chebyshev polynomials and univariate rootfinding

Prolific author of this library has switched to another language. According to him, would-be maintainer should fork and maintain for a year, announce the library resurrection, drop him an e-mail so he would redirect users, and convince Zach Beane to use the fork in Quicklisp.

This library implements simple numerical functions for Common Lisp, including

  • “num=”, a comparison operator for floats
  • simple arithmeric functions, like “sum” and “l2norm”
  • elementwise operations for arrays
  • intervals
  • special matrices and shorthand for their input
  • sample statistics
  • Chebyshev polynomials
  • univariate rootfinding

All the functionality has corresponding unit tests.

There are symbol conflicts with alexandria.

The successor of cl-numlib.

Homepage: GitHub

License: Boost

Topics: mathematics