Libraries for dealing with a text console/terminal:

  • ACUTE-TERMINAL-CONTROL - Permit fast control of a terminal device
  • cffi-stfl - cffi-stfl is a set of bindings for STFL (Structured Terminal Forms Language/Library), a curses-based widget set for text terminals
  • cl-ansi-term - cl-ansi-term allows to print various primitives on ANSI-complaint terminals
  • cl-charms - cl-charms is a set of CFFI bindings for libcurses (ncurses), a GUI-like console library
  • cl-dormouse - Dormouse ('Doryen' + 'Mouse', groan) is a windowing `graphical' user interface built on top of libtcod
  • CL-ECMA-48 - Implement the ECMA-48 standard
  • cl-menusystem - cl-menusystem is a library for making pretty menus for controlling an application and editing the multitude of special variables which invariably exist to control an app's settings
  • CL-Ncurses - An interface to the ncurses and pdcurses console user interface libraries for Common Lisp
  • CL-READLINE - Common
  • croatoan - croatoan is a set of bindings to the ncurses terminal / console library for Common Lisp
  • ecl-readline - A simple binding to GNU Readline console library for ECL (Embeddable Common Lisp) providing command line editing, symbol completion, history file and history size configuration
  • Linedit - Linedit is a portable line-editing console library for Common Lisp
  • sb-screen - sb-screen is a library for displaying text on a console, in the same genre as curses
  • screen - GNU Screen is a Unix utility that permits running multiple interactive windows
  • tmux - Tmux is an alternative to screen
  • unix-opts - This is a minimalistic parser of command line options
  • wcp-termcap - wcp-termcap is a library to parse Unix termcap (terminal capability) files