A simple binding to GNU Readline console library for ECL (Embeddable Common Lisp) providing command line editing, symbol completion, history file and history size configuration.

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I'm not seeing my message appear on the ecl-readline mailinglist so I'll just paste the info here. To get ecl-readline 0.4.1 to compile with ECL 10.4.1 when the latter is configured --with-cxx I had to make the following changes:

In ecl-readline.lisp line 47:

    added: (ffi:clines "#ifdef __cplusplus"
                       "#include <cstdlib>"

below the line "(ffi:clines "#include <readline/history.h>")".

In ecl-completions.lisp line 71:

    was: g_completions = malloc(#0 * sizeof(char*) + 1);
    now: g_completions = (char**)malloc(#0 * sizeof(char*) + 1);

I think the last line is legal C, but I haven't tested it.