mod_lisp is an Apache module to write dynamic web servers and applications. It was written by Marc Battyani and contributors.

Release 2.0 now reuses the Apache → Lisp sockets, boosting performance by a factor from 40 to 80.

License: Apache 2



  • Boris Smilga ported mod_lisp for the Lighttpd server. It implements exactly the same web-server <-> Lisp protocol as the original mod_lisp, so, Apache can be replaced with Lighttpd seamlessly, without any change noticeable from the Lisp side's point of view (well, actually, you'd get different server-baseversion and modlisp-version headers). The code base is largely independent of the v. 2.43 where it took off, though, and it has its own version numbering scheme. See the project page for installation and configuration instructions. [2015-09-22: "mod_lisp-lighttpd has been phased out and is no longer actively maintained."—README]
  • Chris Beggy wrote a tutorial showing how mod_lisp 2.2 + apache (of course) + cmucl + clsql + lml + uffi + mysql were used to create a simple dynamic database website which explained installation, did some advocacy, shared some code, and incorporated the comments of visitors.