Marc Battyani
Marc Battyani :
I like so much Lisp and Electronics that I created my company (Fractal Concept) to work with Common Lisp and Electronics every day. As I'm an EE and a CS engineer, I really love to design entire systems from analog signal conditioning up to the high level software. Common Lisp is perfect for me to do the software part of these systems. (I use VHDL for the more hardware part)

The latest such systems being designed are a positioning system used for NDT inspection systems (and robots) and a temperature tracking system for sensitive products (vaccine, food, blood, etc.) that goes from the design of the electronic tags to the distributed web application to track them.

In addition to my industrial products I also work on a framework for complex web applications. It is used for banks and world wide traceability applications. I've given a talk on this framework at the ILC02. People interested can contact me for the paper. This framework uses mod_lisp which has been released as Open Source.

I've also released:
CL-PDF: An Open Source Common Lisp Library to generate PDF files.
cl-typesetting: An Open Source Common Lisp typesetting system.

You can reach me at

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