CMUCL is a high-performance, free (mostly Public Domain) Common Lisp implementation that aims towards ANSI compatibility and runs on a number of Unix platforms - including Linux/ix86, Linux/Alpha, FreeBSD/ix86, NetBSD/ix86, OpenBSD/ix86, Solaris/SPARC, HP-UX/HPPA, and IRIX/MIPS - though not all of these ports are current. See the project home page at for more information.

Debian GNU/Linux users will find that their distribution includes CMUCL packages (Stable version, Testing version, Unstable version) which they can grab using apt-get. More information about the CMUCL port to Debian can be found at CMUCL on Debian.

Miles Egan maintains Redhat 7.x CMUCL RPMs. These are native RPMs (not built from Debian packages), are unofficial, and are supported solely by him, not by the CMUCL team. You can find them at

The EncyCMUCLopedia is a collection of most - if not all - of the documentation related to CMUCL. It is updated a couple of times per year. The latest version is June 17, 2001. The Design of CMU Common Lisp documents internal details of the CMU Common Lisp compiler and run-time system. By Robert A. MacLachlan (ed), updated January 15, 2003.

Not sure anyone besides me has had a problem with this, but I just thought I'd mention that if you set *print-lines* and/or *print-right-margin* to sufficiently low values, error-messages may show up as just "..", which is quite confusing. Oh, and if something is weird, remember to try without your super-tweaked init.lisp-file, like I didn't. (lisp -noinit)

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