CMUCL on Debian
CMUCL has been 'ported' to Debian by Peter Van Eynde.

A few Debian CMUCL hints. (Original link is dead; see the copy from April 2009 at Most are debianized versions of CMUCL Hints

(On Debian sarge, CMUCL was broken due to a bad kernel. See the Debian bug report for details.)


What about 'lazy mode'? It is seriously broken at the moment. I need some time to fix it, time I won't have for some time. So I decided to disable it in the newest versions. After the freeze of the new debian release (or when I found the fix) 'lazy mode' should work again.

Could you summarize the main differences of your tree from the tree? For example, outline the differences between the safe and normal kernels (which aspects of the language are affected by the high-security feature). Documenting the diff is on my (pretty long) to-do list. Mainly the safe core should not have problems with ansi-test.