CLORB is a CORBA ORB that implements the OMG Lisp Language Mapping for CORBA. It runs in MCL, OpenMCL, SBCL, CMUCL, CLISP and has at some point worked with ACL.

CLORB is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public license (LGPL).

CLORB now (since version 0.5) supports valuetype and has an IDL compiler and a code generator to generate stubs (proxy) and skeletons (servant).

Find it at Lennart Staflin's CORBA page. There is also a SourceForge project for CLORB, with mailing list and download area.

A slightly out-of-date guide to using CLORB with GNOME can be found at Note in particular that the patch linked to on that page is no longer needed: it was rolled into CLORB 0.1

There is a 'orbit.lisp' file included that you need to load to talk to Gnome.