Things that need doing, and bugs that need fixing, in the CLiki software. These need prioritising. I have marked those implemented in CLiki2 with ☑--Roland Kaufmann

Proposed changes to the CLiki site content should be kept somewhere else - right now the debate is centered on the Uncategorized page

  1. Page name synonyms: give the same page more than 1 title (for plurals, acronym expansions, etc)

  2. Review behaviour with page caching to minimise need to click `reload' after edits, but preferably without sending uncachable documents every time

  3. "Link guessing" - do multiple searches on the words in a document when it's edited, to suggest possible links to the user

  4. Anon rsync configuration for remote sites to collect the content tarchive in bandwidth-friendly fashion. This would be more likely if any remote site expressed an interest in so doing

  5. Recent Changes page to take a 'time since' parameter, e.g. to get anything that's been added since now.

  6. Character encoding surprises, e.g. there is both HEΛP and HEΛP, and the first page can't be deleted without deleting the other page.

  7. Having separate cookies for both and is a source of confusion at times. And often the sessions get cleared out before the cookies themselves expire (maybe because of the server restarting).

Things that got done

  1. ☑ Anti-spam measures. This comp.lang.lisp thread has some discussion. Almost certainly an automated scheme will be needed.

  2. ☑ Password-protected accounts. Using an account to make changes could be optional, but reporting who made a change should happen only with a protected account. Spammers are now signing with my name (David Owen).

  3. ☑ Enhance versioning to display diffs to/from other versions

  4. ☑ How about a preview button on the "edit" page. -- Peter

  5. ☑ Convenient way of adding a link to an entry in the Hyperspec glossary.

  6. ☑ When displaying times e.g., on the "Recent Changes" pages, also display a time zone. FWIW, all times should be UTC

  7. ☑ Add support for code syntax highlighting. Maybe it can be borrowed from bknr or from lisppaste? -- 2004-07-28 Ivan Toshkov

  8. ☑ A way to find CLiki links to a certain page: when deleting a page, I would like to see how many links point to it.--Roland Kaufmann
  9. ☑ A way to find all topic markers, i.e. strings used in a /(topic) search.--Roland Kaufmann

Things that aren't planned to get done

  1. An easier list/header/formatting system than html, like e.g MoinMoin has. I think HTML is ok. Andrey and I tried Markdown when writing CLiki2. It didn't cover all use cases and there were a lot of problems. --Vladimir Sedach

  2. Automatic link checker to annotate external links when they go 404. There are a lot of third-party link validation tools. Checking links on every page load is too slow. Batch-checking them means false positives for whoever has to check the logs. And the important thing is you still need to decide what to do about the broken links (find a working one,, declare software dead, etc.). --Vladimir Sedach

  3. InterWiki links. I can't figure out from that page what InterWiki links are or why anyone wants them. --Vladimir Sedach

  4. Email integration: (a) Edit-by-email service, (b) notification when page changes. Edit-by-email is an interesting project; I'm not sure how much precedent there is. Email notifications can be obtained by connecting the ATOM change feeds to a feed-to-email gateway. --Vladimir Sedach