bknr is a meta-project containing an ObjectStore (bknr-datastore), a template system, a web framework (bknr-web) and support for images, blogs, billboards, etc. Its name is the short form for baikonour, the soviet spacecraft launch platform. bknr is a software launch platform for LISP satellites. BKNR is tested on SBCL, CCL and CMUCL on FreeBSD, Linux and Mac OS X.



Evaluation, 20100901

A very brief assessment of all web frameworks listed in cliki was carried out in September 2010. This assessment comprised: check websites, download source if available, attempt to compile, review documentation.

BKNR was seen as not so much a web framework, more a persistent object framework with some web stuff wrapped around it. Designed for relatively small datasets - the entire dataset is held in core, and only a transaction log (journal) is written to disk.

Documentation of the persistent object framework is reasonably good. However, there was very little documentation of the web framework.

Three example websites were listed, of which one was found to be broken, the other two not very impressive.