LGPL refers to GNU Library General Public License, also known as the Lesser General Public License.

This is a license commonly used with GNU projects such as GNOME on things like libraries. Software using this license is DFSG-free.

The LGPL permits you to link the libraries to "non-free" software without forcing that software to be released under the GPL or LGPL.

As is common with most canned licenses, the LGPL uses terminology more appropriate for a program written in C than one written in Lisp. The AllegroServe project have written a preamble to the LGPL that clarifies the terms for use with Lisp programs - this is often referred to as the LLGPL.

LGPL-Licensed Packages

  • Assem - Assem is an ISA-level code layer for Common Lisp
  • bintype - BINTYPE is a specification-driven parser generator for binary formats
  • BITMOP - BITMOP is a DSL for definition and manipulation of register sets, registers, bitfields and bitfield values, all of which are first-class objects
  • CAPTURED-STREAM - captured-stream is a small Common Lisp library for viewing streams as sequences
  • cl-html5-parser - cl-html5-parser is a HTML5 parser for Common Lisp
  • CL-IO-MOD - CL-IO-MOD is a parser for a subset of the MOD music tracker file format
  • CL-PNG - CL-PNG reads and writes PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image files
  • cl-pubmed - cl-pubmed is an interface to the PubMed medical literature Database
  • cl-z - cl-z is a set of CFFI bindings to the zlib compression library
  • CLCE - CLCE (Common Lisp Composition Environment) is a complete environment for Musical composition based on the Common Lisp language and on the MidiShare operating system
  • clhp - CLHP is the Common Lisp Hypertext Preprocessor - a Web programming language
  • Cliconv - Cliconv is a simple FFI interface to the iconv library that lets Common Lisp programs translate byte sequences from/to different character encodings
  • Clot - CLOT is a library for plotting data sets in charts of different types
  • Cobstor - Cobstor is a tool and an API to seamlessly access legacy Cobol application files from Common Lisp
  • common-db - common-db is a programmable debugging substrate, mostly geared to driving target devices by establishing control via on-chip debugging machinery through a JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) external port
  • currensea - currensea is a currency conversion library based on AllegroServe
  • de.setf.utility - de setf utility is a collection of Common Lisp utilities functions and several purpose-specific libraries
  • dso-util - A small set of utilities, functions and macros, by David Owen
  • FastIndex - FastIndex is a Web server which manages a small online library
  • flood - Comfortable, powerful and tiny logging library for common lisp
  • GCL - GNU Common Lisp is a Common Lisp implementation of the KCL Family that uses gcc to compile Lisp into native binaries
  • Gordon - Gordon is a Common Lisp library that can be used to generate Adobe Flash files and thus useful in web applications
  • IE3FP - IE3FP is a library to code and decode floating point numbers in IEEE 754 binary format
  • KDE - KDE is a powerful Open Source graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations
  • libgpg-error - libgpg-error is a small library with error codes and descriptions shared by most GnuPG related software
  • LISA - Lisp Intelligent Software Agents - is a production rule system for Common Lisp
  • lisp-network-server - lisp-network-server is a simple framework for writing Common Lisp networking applications
  • midi - A library for parsing MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) file format files and representing MIDI events, previously distributed as part of the Gsharp project
  • MIME4CL - MIME4CL allows you to craft MIME compliant messages or to parse and handle them programmatically
  • NET4CL - NET4CL is a collection of network functions, mostly encapsulation of existing functions to uniform the interface between different Lisp systems
  • NPG - NPG is a Na├»ve Parser Generator
  • Objective-CL - Objective-CL is a Common-Lisp/Objective-C bridge currently supporting a range of Lisp implementations on Mac OS X and GNUstep
  • Open Agent Engine - Open Agent Engine is an object oriented graphics framework based on classes representing OpenGL 2.0 windows (opaque and transparent), and OpenGL views with methods to handle rendering, animation, mouse input, keyboard events, gamePad input, texture management, and shader manipulation
  • Pyffi - Pyffi, inspired by Python-on-Lisp, is a Python programming language FFI for Common Lisp
  • SCLF - SCLF is Walter C
  • SEMI-PRECIOUS - SEMI-PRECIOUS is a library of algorithms/data structures
  • SYMTABLE - SYMTABLE is a simplistic symbol-table abstraction
  • telnetlib - telnetlib is a networking library for doing Telnet
  • Torta - Torta shows you where your disk space is going
  • xelf - Xelf is a simple 2-D game engine for Common Lisp