Advice and tools for debugging Lisp code.

  • cl-debug - A way to enable or disable debug-specific code
  • Clouseau - "Clouseau" is the name of McCLIM's inspector application, which helps with debugging
  • common-db - common-db is a programmable debugging substrate, mostly geared to driving target devices by establishing control via on-chip debugging machinery through a JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) external port
  • decaf - Decaf is an Java debugger GUI written in Lisp using CLIM
  • Firephp - Firephp is implementation of firephp protocol for Common Lisp
  • gtfl - GTFL is a graphical terminal for Common Lisp
  • journal - A library for logging, tracing, testing and persistence
  • Lint - What should a CL lint-like tool look for?
  • PREPL - prepl is a REPL implementation, also known as a Lisp listener
  • pretty-function - pretty-function provides an API for making individual functions pprint differently when written to an output stream
  • swank-client - Common Lisp implementation of a Slime / Swank client
  • trivial-backtrace - Trivial backtrace is a simple platform independent interface for generating a backtrace
  • TutorialClispDebugger - Small Clisp Debugger Tutorial
  • TutorialDebuggingDeadLock - Debugging a dead-lock in a program using bordeaux-threads in ccl