CLHP is the Common Lisp Hypertext Preprocessor - a Web programming language. As you might infer from the name, it is similar in capabilities to PHP, only it uses Common Lisp as its underlying language, rather than the C-like language that PHP uses. It is copyrighted under the Lesser GNU Public License (or LGPL)

The name CLHP implies that it can only be used in Hypertext contexts, however CLHP allows Lisp code to be embedded in XML via XML processing instructions, which means it can be included in any XML document and still allow the document to be considered valid XML. In this respect CLHP could be used in any application where a high level language is desirable as part of an XML solution.

It is currently in an alpha stage, but is quite useable. At this point, it is implemented in and requires CMUCL. It is integrated as an Apache module, so Apache is required.

--Anthony Ventimiglia

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