win32 is a library containing a set of CFFI bindings and constant definitions for interacting with the Win32 API. This means it's a practically non-existant layer on top of the API, and has little to no utility other than exposing the raw interface.

doors Doors is a lisper's gateway to Windows. It aims to cover only essential features of that operating system, such as basic WinAPI, COM and OLE.

cl-win32ole cl-win32ole is Windows OLE Library like Ruby's win32ole. cl-win32ole works with SBCL and CLISP and possibly any lisp supported by :cffi and :trivial-garbage.

Graphic-Forms Graphic-Forms is a user interface library implemented in Common Lisp focusing on the Windows(R) platform. Graphic-Forms is licensed under the terms of the BSD License.

Corman lisp is a Common Lisp implementation (why is it not mentioned on Cliki?) written for Windows and having a good integration with WinAPI and COM.