Simplot a 2-dimensional data plotting application for Mathematics and scientific data with a simple interface.

Simplot will make graphs that look like this:

using a command line interface that looks like this:

  (let ((grn '(0 80 40))
        (the-view (mk-view :view-bounds '(0 0 500 60))))
    (plot2 "December Weather Metrics"
           *hour-temp* the-view grn
           :left "Temperature (degrees F)" grn :bottom "Relative Hours"
           *time-dewp* the-view +blu+ :right "Dew Point (degrees F)" +blu+))

Download ASDF package from

Documentation and examples can be found at

Version 0.1 was released on 2010-01-02

This is an early release. There are known bugs and a list of features that still haven't been implemented. The user interface is not entirely stable at this point - suggestions, comments and any kind of feedback is welcome.

jeffrey at jandmworks dot com

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