command-line options parser
Here is a list of command-line options parsing libraries. Those libraries are useful for creating standalone Lisp programs.

  • adopt - adopt is a damn option parsing library
  • adopt-subcommands - Extend the Adopt command line processing library to handle nested subcommands
  • Apply-argv - Apply-argv is a lightweight command-line options parser library
  • argparse - simple argument parser library for common lisp
  • Clon - There are three packages by the name of CLON, although the third one doesn't actually introduce any conflict because the package is named net.didierverna.clon
  • command-line-arguments - command-line-arguments is a library to parse arguments from the shell command-line
  • getopt - getopt is a library for processing command-line arguments
  • lisp-gflags - Lisp GFlags is a Common Lisp implementation of gflags, Google's command line
  • optparser - optparser is a Unix command-line options parser for simple shell scripts, geared towards ease-of-use and unambiguity
  • unix-options - unix-options is a library for processing Unix-style command-line arguments
  • unix-opts - This is a minimalistic parser of command line options