cl-opengl is a set of CFFI bindings to the OpenGL, GLU and GLUT.

See its project page at

I had some problems on this install on SBCL under OS X: After some searching, I am of the opinion that OS X does not come with a version of GLUT. Further, installing GLUT from MacPorts installs GLUT, not OpenGLUT, which is actually the version that these bindings talk to. So I had to manually download, build and install OpenGLUT, which was an uneventful success, then create symlinks of the proper GLUT names (libglut.dylib and libglut.a) to the corresponding OpenGLUT libraries so the proper files can be found by name. I hope this helps. --Zach Smith

Mac OS X does come with GLUT, but it's a framework not a library. I don't know what changes you'd need to make for cl-opengl, but for a C program, it's a matter of #include'ing <GLUT/glut.h> instead of the standard <GL/glut.h>, and linking with -framework GLUT -framework OpenGL instead of the standard -lGL -lGLU -lglut. -- Keith Bauer

There's a version of cl-opengl that works on osx here:

Current cl-opengl/cl-glut should work on osx, with the limitation that GL/glut code (possibly including loading the libraries) can only be run from the first thread.

cl-opengl on github:

lispbuilder-sdl is an alternative to the glut binding for some purposes (i.e. games).