Some Persons believe Sykopomp to be a Person. When concerned about legal or social-acceptance issues, he chooses to go by the name Josh Marchan. He used to be a film student, and got a bachelor's in the field. Now, he is a lisp newbie that frequently lurks in #lisp@freenode. He likes good movies, good code, and pretending that programming is a form of self expression (with Sheeple, for example).

His main projects are:

Sheeple - What if CLOS were prototype-based?

ChanL - A series of tubes.

Sykosomatic - A lisp-based game engine designed to support MUD-like games.

Sykopomp is pretty new to all this, and doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time. On the other hand, he really enjoys programming in lisp, and wants to help the (non-existent) Lisp community out however he can.

His main development implementations are CCL and SBCL, although he also tests his code on CLISP. His reality runs on Linux x86-64.