ACL-COMPAT is a free set of compatibility layers for parts of Franz's ACL system programming API for several Common Lisp implementations . It provides ACL-like interfaces for:

* threads (including run- and arrest-reasons)

* Sockets (including chunked transfer encoding on some implementations)

* Parts of the EXCL package

* Parts of ACL's SYS package

* ACL's NET.URI (networking) stuff

It is maintained together with Portableaserve the portable implementation of Franz' AllegroServe Webserver, but can be installed without Portableaserve.

As of now ACL-COMPAT supports the following Lispsystems, in varying degrees of testedness:

The latest version of ACL-COMPAT is included within the Portableaserve code tree from CVS at the Portableaserve SF Project site.