Welcome to the Cliki registration page for the summer 2010 Lisp Game Design Challenge.

Some general information can be found on dto's Lisp Game Design Challenge page (which refers to LispGameDesignChallenge-spring-2010).

Contest entries may be written in any dialect of Lisp. You must enter and start your entry before 2010-06-30 in order to participate in the summer 2010 Lisp Game Design Challenge.

Spectators may join at any time before the contest ends.


Put your name in this section if you or your team will be creating a game. List team members (IRC handles if you got em), and possibly describe your design.

  • _3b: Web-based online rpg/graphical roguelike, written in CL and parenscript, to be done by Jul 2 23:00:00 UTC 2010.
  • name: short-description


This section is for people who want to play and discuss the games. Please put your name and/or IRC handle and write something about yourself!

  • name: what you're interested in doing as a spectator

LispGameDesignChallenge Games