Note: This page has been ported from LispGameDesignChallenge to hold only the information regarding the spring 2010 contest. You may want to check that page for previous versions of this page.

Welcome to the Cliki registration page for the spring 2010 Lisp Game Design Challenge.

Contest entries may be written in any dialect of Lisp.


Put your name in this section if you or your team will be creating a game. List team members (IRC handles if you got em), and possibly describe your design.

  • David O'Toole: My entry is called "CONS" and will involve dueling Lisp programs composed of interchangeable blocks. I will use my XE2 Common Lisp Game Engine for development. I will be blogging the dev process at my blog My entry is due 11:59pm on Friday, March 26 2010. UPDATE I will not be able to finish this in time, but will continue working on it and release it after the compo. So, list me as a Failure. :)
  • Elliott Slaughter: I intend to do a remake of Bunny Slayer. The old version was written with v0.1 of my game engine, Blackthorn, and the rewrite will target Blackthorn v0.2. Due by Tuesday March 30th by 12pm PDT.
  • Patrick Stein: My entry is titled "Roto-Mortar". It was due by 9:34am CDT Friday March 26th and was done by 4:57am CDT on that date. I coded it in custom OpenGL.
  • Nicholas Wright: My entry is a remake of the Amstrad game Oh Mummy written in scheme. The development can be followed here. The title of the game will be Mummy Madness and I expect it to be finished 10PM MST on March 28th.
  • adeht: My entry is called CONSIX, will use some of my TOWERS code, and is due by 2010-03-27T23:59Z.
  • db48x & olad: an RPG/puzzle game where the the user can create spells by writing Lisp code. Due by 2010-03-27T16:16:22Z.
  • Isaac Lewis: Robots Rising, a multiplayer browser game about the war between man and machine. Written in Clojure and MongoDB, due by 12:00 GMT on 30th March.
  • Ninju: My game is some prison-break/escape thing based on british bulldog, written in Scheme. Needs to be finished by the end of March 31st. You can follow the progress at github.
  • Felix Lange and Robert Kliem: Our entry is a crossing between pong, flipper and tower defense, due 2010-03-31 00:00 GMT+1 (since we are only in the planning phase right now, this may extend to 2010-04-01 00:00 GMT).
  • Jacek Zlydach (TeMPOraL): My game, entitled "Cloze Call", is a simple "Gravity Golf". It was due 2010-04-01, 00:00GMT+1 and it can now be downloaded via SVN from Google Project Hosting.
  • _3b: last minute entry, so just doing a simple jigsaw puzzle. started 2010-03-29, to be done before 2010-04-01. Postmortem and final product.


This section is for people who want to play and discuss the games. Please put your name and/or IRC handle and write something about yourself!

  • madnificent: I'm mostly interested in web development. You can obviously find me at
  • udzinari: I am interested in magic. #lisp on is where you can find me

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