James A. Crippen
James A. Crippen is a Person born in 1979 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

Current projects include:

  • LMud - A CL-based MUD.
  • LTELNETD - A CL-based telnet listener. Eventually part of LMud.
  • FooLisp - A Lisp-oriented virtual-machine in Common Lisp, for experimenting with Lisp implementation.
  • Exploder - An emulator for TI Explorer II Lisp Machines hardware.
  • Assorted hacking on Movitz, including improved RTC and timer support.

Most of the above are terminal vaporware, never suitable for the eyes of the public. Maybe one day I'll actually finish something.

I also maintain LAMBDA.TXT, a file of Lisp-related cookies derived from MIT-AI's LINS 463, BSD fortune(6), comp.lang.lisp, and other miscellaneous sources.

Someday I'll be bothered enough by Emacs lossage to turn Goatee into a real CL-Emacs, but I'm not bothered enough yet, especially because of SLIME.

Mail: (@ (. gmail com) jcrippen)