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References: CLHS 11.1.2


Edit history: 2004-07-20, Version 1 by Bruno Haible

Status: For CLiki consideration

Problem Description:

CLHS 11.1.2 gives 'a summary of the names and nicknames of those standardized packages'. Clarify whether this list is exhaustive, or if an implementation may provide other nicknames.


Specify in CLHS 11.1.2 that "Standardized packages don't have other nicknames than the ones listed here."


This appears to be what the text meant.


Specify in CLHS 11.1.2 that "Implementation can add additional nicknames."


This allows for CLtL1 backward compatibility: (in-package "USER") doing the same thing as (in-package "CL-USER").

Test case:

(package-nicknames "COMMON-LISP")
(package-nicknames "COMMON-LISP-USER")
(package-nicknames "KEYWORD")

Current practice:

SBCL implements EXHAUSTIVE, CLISP doesn't.

Cost to Implementors:

EXHAUSTIVE can be expensive for implementors: they may need to change hundreds of package references that use their private nicknames. ALLOW-MORE has no cost.

Cost to Users:

EXHAUSTIVE can be expensive for users in CLtL1 backward compatibility mode. ALLOW-MORE can cause confusion if different implementations use the same nicknames for different packages.

Cost of Non-Adoption:

Unclear spec.


EXHAUSTIVE: Less differences between implementations. ALLOW-MORE: Backward compatibility.


  • Bruno Haible supports proposal ALLOW-MORE.
  • Christophe Rhodes supports EXHAUSTIVE. The CLtL1 compatibility afforded by making "USER" a nickname for "COMMON-LISP-USER" is no more than a chimera: since the semantics of some of the operators is different, the compatibility provided is poor. Far better CLtL1 compatibility will be available by having a separate "USER" package, importing most, but not all, of the "COMMON-LISP-USER" symbols, and providing separate implementations of those which were deleted or had their semantics changed.

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