aka Ryan Gannon, a human Person and hobbyist Lisp hacker.

I'm Rasputin. Or, I Am Rasputin. I am IAmRasputin?

Author of the forthcoming Common Lisp, The Language 3: The Musical*

Why the name?

Long ago, as a teenager with a Steam account, I was lucky enough to become friendly with someone who was also into video games. They asked what my account handle was, and I was presented with a conundrum: share my decidedly uncool 1337-sp34k handle, or come up with something on the spot. I plumbed my fascination with Russian history, and the rest is, well, history.

Here's a webpage with no useful information.

* This is a joke, but if you're rich, willing to part with your money, and really want this to exist, please let me know