Info Project name: closure-common

Original author: Gilbert Baumann
Current maintainer: David Lichteblau

Categories: none

Homepage: no homepage yet

Download (tarball):

Yes, see below

Download (git clone): git:// (gitweb)

This project is asdf-installable (release tarball) and available in clbuild (git version).

An RPM is also available at:

Project closure-common is a helper library for cxml and closure-html.

It does not have a homepage yet.

Feature overview

closure-common is an internal helper library and is not documented yet, but a patch adding docstrings in atdoc format would be welcome.


The name Closure is a reference to the web browser it was originally written for.

Note that Closure is not related to the Clozure implementation of Common Lisp and works on various Common Lisp implementations.


ASDF-install package (obsolete)