XLUnit is a Test Framework based on XPTest and JUnit. XLUnit strives to have a good balance between low programmer overhead and good support for fixture setup and teardown. XLUnit has greatly decreased programmer overhead compared to XPTest while adding more functionality from JUnit.

A short example of its usage:

(defclass my-test (test-case)

(def-test-method some-test ((test my-test))
  (assert-equal (whatever) (whatever-else))
  (assert-false (this-is-impossible)))

(textui-test-run (get-suite my-test))

The generic functions set-up and tear-down can be used to (de)initialize test case objects.

It doesn't seem to work with CMUCL 18e, all test suites (including the one for xlunit itself) succeed with 0 tests run. Any hints?

I've confirmed that XLUnit's test suite is empty with CMUCL 18e. However, later versions of CMUCL [post-18e snapshots] work fine in my testing.

The Debian package in Sarge (cl-xlunit) description says this is a rewrite of XPTest. Does that mean XPTest is superceded?