testbild is a library for outputting Test Anything Protocol (TAP) and xUnit formats.

If you are using a Test Framework, maybe it already offers support for testbild. If not, go and push its authors to check it out or maybe even provide them with patches that integrate the framework with testbild yourself!

While there are many nice testing framework for Common Lisp and writing your own test code is especially easy with the most powerful language on earth, most if not all of said frameworks use an inferior report style usually found in and associated with the xUnit family of unit testing frameworks, even though there is a formally specified, clearly superior alternative available: TAP, Test Anything Protocol.

In lack of TAP support Testbild, which is the German word for (TV) test pattern but also interpretable as (overall) "test appearance", was written to help both test and test framework authors exploit the features of TAP without losing support for different reporting styles.

Please see the provided README for more information on how to use testbild.

Author: Alexander Kahl

The link to the git repository is available from Github.