A collection of small libraries: functional idioms and data structures in Common Lisp and a common set of APIs for them. Authored by mikel evins.

It's a direct descendant of the older and simpler library folio, with a greatly expanded and reorganized API, and support for more data structures and procedures. It is organized so that users can load and use the entire collection of functions, macros, and types, or just those parts of the library that are needed. Provides several purely-optional syntactic extensions for convenience.

Tested with SBCL, Clozure Common Lisp 1.10, and Lispworks 6.1.

Offers the following features:

  • series and pure-functional maps and sequences
  • extension of Common Lisp sequence functions to support the new types
  • extensible generic versions of many Common Lisp functions
  • an extensible type-conversion utility
  • an extensible contructor function for arbitrary values
  • seamless integration of the SERIES and FSet libraries

Homepage: GitHub

License: LLGPL

Topics: convenience library, data structure