floyd-warshall is a (very) preliminary library for Floyd-Warshall all-pairs shortest-path algorithm computations on weighted directed Graphs, written by Robert Goldman.

The interface aims to make it as generic as possible, so that one does not have to use special data structures to define one's graph edges, instead one provides a set of objects corresponding to graph roots and a function that, when applied to the object corresponding to a node, gives edge information. For those familiar with CLIM's format-graph-from-roots, the interface is somewhat similar.

This is my first shot at an asdf-installable system, and the system is at a very early state (i.e., not at all optimized). On the other hand, this is an algorithm that I find myself regularly needing, so I felt it worth offering.

There is some ALBERT-generated HTML documentation included with the package (oddly, the key all-shortest-paths function doesn't appear on the main package page...).

Download: http://rpgoldman.real-time.com/lisp/floyd-warshall_0.02.tgz

License: LLGPL