CLIM-desktop integrates several McCLIM apps to make a Common Lisp development environment.

This list stolen from IDE. Tools provided by a Common Lisp IDE:

  • Editor:
    • State: Usable
  • Listener
    • State: Usable
  • Inspector
    • State: Usable. Integrated into Debugger.
  • Apropos Dialog
    • State: MISSING. There is an Apropos command in the Listener.
  • Stepper
    • State: MISSING
  • Trace Dialog
    • State: MISSING
  • Backtrace Dialog
    • State: Usable (from McCLIM debugger)
  • Restarts Dialog
    • State: Usable (from McCLIM debugger)
  • Save Application Dialog
    • State: What would this mean?
  • Preferences Dialog
    • State: MISSING. No ability to configure apps.
  • Online Help
    • State: Somewhat here. Closure is used to browse the CLHS.
  • User Interface Builder
    • State: MISSING. CLIB looked promising, but the source is nowhere to be found.
  • Class Browser
    • State: Somewhat here. Gilbert Baumann's class-browser.lisp is included. Not integrated.
  • Generic Function Browser
    • State: MISSING. Some of this functionality is in the Listener.
  • System Browser
    • State: MISSING
  • Package Browser
    • State: MISSING
  • Process Browser
    • State: MISSING
  • Mail Client (!!)
    • State: MISSING

Application, MIT-License