clhs ASDF wrapper
This trivial CLHS ASDF wrapper makes it even easier to install a copy of the CLHS locally on your computer, using Quicklisp. The primary use cases for downloading the HyperSpec to your hard drive instead of using the online documentation at are to benefit from the increased responsiveness inherent in browsing a local resource and to ensure reliable, fast access from anywhere while on the go (ex: laptop, smartphone).

Simply (ql:quickload "clhs"). The ASDF system bundles a full copy of the CLHS (as permitted by LispWorks, with restrictions).

You'll then want to direct Emacs/Slime to use this newly installed copy of the CLHS, presumably. The wrapper can assist with this. Check the instructions. In a nutshell, after (ql:quickload "clhs"), run (clhs:print-emacs-setup-form) in the CL REPL and follow the instructions.

When all is said and done, you should be able to do C-c C-d h symbol RET in Emacs/Slime and have your browser open an address like file:///home/hexstream/quicklisp/HyperSpec/Body/t_symbol.htm.

See the project's home for further information.
The "ASDF wrapper" part of this library is Public Domain, however the bundled CLHS is proprietary to Lispworks, so the overall product is very much non-free. See the LICENSE file for details.

The author of this library is not affiliated with LispWorks Ltd.

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