cl-web-utils is a set of utilities for producing Common Lisp bindings to web APIs.

cl-web-utils was originally styled as cl-web-apis and written by Will Halliburton. The goal is to eliminate as much repitition from binding to web APIs as possible through judicious use of macros and a variety of other lisp niceties. We borrow heavily from existing and established lisp code where possible ranging from drakma, cxml and cl-json to bits of anaphora, metatilities and even a few symbol building functions from On Lisp.

It's a pretty straightforward library with a chief emphasis on the functions define-json-request and define-xml-request and a smattering of other helpers. They are the chief exports of the cl-web-utils package. Other small niceties from the stylistic (concat ...) as an abbreviation of (concatenate 'string ...) to slightly more intuitive stdlib functions (last1 ...) in lieu of (car (last ...)) and others like (parse-float ...) and (md5 ...).


License: LLGPL