CL-GTK2 is a Common Lisp GUI library that provides access to the Gtk+ cross-platform GUI library in idiomatic Lisp style.

CL-GTK2 should portably work in most modern Lisps that support CFFI and MOP (works at least in SBCL, Clozure CL on Linux and Windows). Current version is 0.1.1 released on 2009.12.30.

cl-gtk2 blog contains news on development of CL-GTK2. There is also a website, with more documentation.

CL-GTK2 is ASDF-installable (install the :CL-GTK2-GTK, :CL-GTK2-CAIRO and :CL-GTK2-GTKGLEXT systems).


  • FFI with callbacks (via CFFI)
  • Threading (via Bordeaux-Threads)
  • Weak references (weak hash-tables) and finalizers (via Trivial-Garbage)
  • CLOS Metaobject Protocol (via Closer-MOP)


  • Provides Gtk+ API in a Lispy way
  • (Almost) Complete Gtk+ API
  • Objects and classes are mapped into CLOS objects and classes
  • Gtk+ objects are garbage collected
  • Error in objects' signal handlers are restartable
  • Provides some higher-level abstractions over Gtk+ facilities:
    • Calling code in GUI thread (call-within-main-loop, call-within-main-loop-and-wait)
    • Displaying progress-bar for long-running code (with-progress-bar)
    • Displaying errors (with-gtk-message-error-handler)


Source code Screenshot
(defun run ()
  (let ((output *standard-output*))
      (let ((window (make-instance 'gtk:gtk-window
                                   :type :toplevel
                                   :window-position :center
                                   :title "Hello world!"
                                   :default-width 300
                                   :default-height 100))
            (button (make-instance 'gtk:button :label "Hello, world!"))
            (counter 0))
        (gobject:g-signal-connect button "clicked"
                                  (lambda (b)
                                    (declare (ignore b))
                                    (format output "Hello, world!~%")
                                    (setf (gtk:button-label button)
                                          (format nil
                                                  "Hello, world! (clicked ~D times)"
                                                  (incf counter)))))
        (gtk:container-add window button)
        (gtk:widget-show window :all t)))))


(defun demo-class-browser ()
  (let ((output *standard-output*))
      (let* ((window (make-instance 'gtk:gtk-window
                                    :window-position :center
                                    :title "Class Browser"
                                    :default-width 400
                                    :default-height 600))
             (search-entry (make-instance 'gtk:entry))
             (search-button (make-instance 'gtk:button :label "Search"))
             (scroll (make-instance 'gtk:scrolled-window
                                    :hscrollbar-policy :automatic
                                    :vscrollbar-policy :automatic))
             (slots-model (make-instance 'gtk:array-list-store))
             (slots-list (make-instance 'gtk:tree-view :model slots-model)))
        (let ((v-box (make-instance 'gtk:v-box))
              (search-box (make-instance 'gtk:h-box)))
          (gtk:container-add window v-box)
          (gtk:box-pack-start v-box search-box :expand nil)
          (gtk:box-pack-start search-box search-entry)
          (gtk:box-pack-start search-box search-button :expand nil)
          (gtk:box-pack-start v-box scroll)
          (gtk:container-add scroll slots-list))
        (gtk:store-add-column slots-model "gchararray"
                              (lambda (slot)
                                (format nil "~S" (closer-mop:slot-definition-name slot))))
        (let ((col (make-instance 'gtk:tree-view-column :title "Slot name"))
              (cr (make-instance 'gtk:cell-renderer-text)))
          (gtk:tree-view-column-pack-start col cr)
          (gtk:tree-view-column-add-attribute col cr "text" 0)
          (gtk:tree-view-append-column slots-list col))
        (labels ((display-class-slots (class)
                   (format output "Displaying ~A~%" class)
                      repeat (gtk:store-items-count slots-model)
                      do (gtk:store-remove-item slots-model (gtk:store-item slots-model 0)))
                   (closer-mop:finalize-inheritance class)
                      for slot in (closer-mop:class-slots class)
                      do (gtk:store-add-item slots-model slot)))
                 (on-search-clicked (button)
                   (declare (ignore button))
                     (let* ((class-name (read-from-string (gtk:entry-text search-entry)))
                            (class (find-class class-name)))
                       (display-class-slots class)))))
          (gobject:g-signal-connect search-button "clicked" #'on-search-clicked))
        (gtk:widget-show window)))))


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