Build/make systems. See also development.

  • asdf - ASDF (Another System Definition Facility) is an extensible build facility for Common Lisp software
  • ASDlite - ASDlite is a light-weight version of ASDF, a popular build facility for Common Lisp
  • evol - evol - entrenched virtues of lisp (love reversed) aims to be a compatible and full-fledged replacement for the GNU autotools stack targeted at coping with the autotools' shortcomings while not repeating the mistakes made and still being made at comparable build tool projects
  • faslpath - Faslpath is a build tool that relies on package naming conventions to automatically resolve dependencies between files, eliminating the need to have a separate system definition/make file
  • poiu - poiu is an asdf extension that builds in parallel
  • XCVB - XCVB, an eXtensible Component Verifier and Builder for Lisp is an attempt to replace asdf