Acclaim is a Presentation Graphics Application, which takes an input file of sexps describing each slide and renders them using CLX.

Originally written by Daniel Barlow as a quick hack for a talk at UKUUG 2003, it has since been enhanced in many ways by Max-Gerd Retzlaff. More information from

Getting a PDF export of an Acclaim slideset

Actually there is a hack to add another renderer for PDF output in addition to the already present clx-renderer. It is done by Manuel Odendahl in June 2004 and uses CL-PDF as I suggested in a mail to the clump-mailinglist.

Unfortunately this hack is based on an older version of Acclaim before the major refactoring in versions 0.24 and 0.25. Since I had not to do any presentation in the meantime I did not bother to include his pdf-renderer, but if someone is interested in it I would merge it with the current, more powerful version of Acclaim and not wait until I need it (presumedly in May 2005).

In the meantime, there is a quite simple method to generate a PDF version of a slideset without CL-PDF but by creating, converting and concatenating screenshots(sic!) of the slides. I described it in a Lisppaste to the #lisp-IRC-channel: Paste number 1308: pdf export hack for Acclaim. I admit, it is a quite ugly way to get a PDF but it has the advantage that the created PDF will have *exactly* the same look as the Acclaim slideset.

(The file size will be acceptable if your slides do not include background images; the PDF version of a Spartan slideset by Christophe Rhodes has a size of 251kB for 12 slides including three larger images and a smaller one.)