Marco Baringer
Disclaimer: this page is written by Marco Baringer with the CL hacker hat, not Marco Baringer with the software consultant hat.

Q&A Session with Marco Baringer

So, who are you anyway?

I'm a jaclh (Just Another Common Lisp Hacker). I use Common Lisp to do cool stuff.

What really, really pisses you off about Lisp?

There's no programming "busy work." I really hate the fact that I can't spend a day just defining classes, bean properties or other boiler plate code, or playing mine sweeper while the project re-compiles and I mindlessly click to get back to the point of the application where the bug is. Instead I'm forced to spend 95% of time actually thinking about the problem at hand and how to best deal with it. Then, and this is the kicker, once i've figured out how to deal with the problem I don't spend hours writing infrastructure code or re-inventing simple wheels, but I just write the code and I'm done. You have no idea how anti-climatic this is.

smile, I was being funny.

If Common Lisp was a car, what would it be?

A Lotus Elise.

Do you have any open source common lisp code?

As a matter of fact I do. My personal utility package arnesi, a testing framework FiveAM, a html generating thing yaclml and the be all end all web framework ucw.

You can find them over at (the project bese and ucw.

Are you a Person?


Do you occasionally go by the name segv and make a rukcus on irc?


What do you think about this xearth thing?

I think it's pretty cool. I find it unsuprising, but never the less interesting, that almost all lispniks are located in Europe and the US. I was midly suprised to see more lispniks in Europe than the US.

Red pill or Blue pill?

I'm way too far down the rabbit hole to care.

what font at your emacs

I really like your emacs video, "". It's very useful and I wanna know the name of font used at that video. please tell me and sorry for my poor eng.