Lisp-SNMP is a library for remote system and network administration that uses the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). It can encode and decode a subset of ASN.1, send status requests to remote devices and decode the responses, interoperate with the SGI IRIX 5.3 scheme of remote sub agents, and more.

Lisp-SNMP has been tested under CMUCL and Allegro CL on SGI and Sun workstations.



License: ???

Sample queries (you need to use the *snmp-readtable* for the BER encoding to work):

* (snmp-get-tree "dukas" '([system])) ((([system.sysDescr.0] "SunOS dukas 5.5.1 Generic_103640-32 sun4u") ([system.sysObjectID.0] []) ([system.sysUpTime.0] #<55+18:25:30.64>) ([system.sysContact.0] "") ([system.sysName.0] "dukas") ([system.sysLocation.0] "") ([system.sysServices.0] 72) ([system.8.0] #<00:00.00>))) * (snmp-get-tree "milou" '([system])) ((([system.sysDescr.0] "HP ETHERNET MULTI-ENVIRONMENT,ROM G.07.02,JETDIRECT,JD30,EEPROM G.07.17") ([system.sysObjectID.0] []) ([system.sysUpTime.0] #<6+23:12:50.10>) ([system.sysContact.0] "") ([system.sysName.0] "MILOU") ([system.sysLocation.0] "") ([system.sysServices.0] 64)))